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  • Now learn Feng Shui Staging at your own pace here on our e-campus! Everything you need to get started in this exciting career is right here.

    " Your course teaches all aspects of home staging while at the same time "infuses" feng shui techniques and practices to "boost" and "activate" the energy to attract, highlight and sell a home. The quality of your program as always was top notch. I am better equipped, excited and confident that I can offer Feng Shui Home Staging Services in my community and sell many, many homes! THANK YOU!"
    Jennifer OBrien, St. Petersburg, FL.

    Regular price $799.00
  • These are the most powerful and effective Feng Shui cures for Relationships, Love and Romance!

    Let's face it, we all want love and affection in our lives and relationships are at the core. These cures will help solidify and enhance the loving energy of a current relationship or become a POWERFUL MAGNET to call in a new love.

    These cures cannot be found in any single book and have been kept secret throughout the ages. Join me for this incredible video presentation and achieve the love you crave in your life! Regular price: $297.00.
  • Over my past 20 years of Feng Shui studies I have taken stacks of notes in all of my courses with various teachers, most especially BTB Grand Master Professor Lin Yun. Here is a compilation of what I consider to be the 18 most important and powerful Feng Shui Cures for Wealth and Abundance...James. Regular price $297.00.
  • This course will give you everything you need to know to create a dynamic presentation on any subject with special focus on Feng Shui. Let's face it, in order to build a strong clientele, you need to get in front of people. In this course you will learn how to:
    • Find material and organize it into a persuasive presentation.
    • Effectively find groups to give presentations to.
    • Determine what information to deliver and how to deliver it.
    • How to overcome "Fear of Public Speaking".
    • Minimize stress by using compelling visual aids.
    • Turn your audience into paying clients.
    • Teach without "Giving away too much".
    • Project your qi through speaking.
    • "Mind Map" and Brainstorm for topic ideas.
    • Step by step instructions for creating a Feng Shui Powerpoint course.
    • Develop a simple 30 minute presentation or a full-blown hands-on workshop.
    • Deliver an effective slide presentation without a projector and screen.
    • Decide whether to charge (and how much) or give your presentation for free.
    • Create alternate streams of income through presentations and workshops.

    Regular price $297.00.